What is more important, love or lust? That is the million-dollar question. 

I’ve just met this really nice new guy, and before I commit to a long-term relationship with him, I’d like to know how I truly feel about him. Is it a case of love or lust? At the moment, I’m not so sure, and I’m constantly mentioning this guy to my colleagues at Yiewsley escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/yiewsley-escorts. I am beginning to think that I am falling in love with him, and he appears to possess a number of unique characteristics that I find admirable in a gentleman.

For example, he is a good listener who can also converse at the same time with others. I’ve learned from my dating experiences with Yiewsley escorts that not all men will listen to you. This glazed look comes over them, and they just sit there and stare at you, or they may even look through you, without saying anything. This guy is different in that he actually sits there and listens to what I have to say, and then he responds in a thoughtful manner, demonstrating that he has been paying attention to me. I get a tremendous buzz out of it, and I know that many other girls would feel the same way. We really appreciate it when we are paid attention to.

Back at Yiewsley escorts, I informed the ladies that I had been conversing with this gentleman about my appreciation for plants and flowers. This is unbelievable, but the next day he called me up and suggested that we go to a flower market together. I thought that was really cool, and it’s not the first time I’ve come across a guy who has expressed an active interest in what I’m interested in. It’s actually a bunch of mice. Anyway, we went to the flower market and we had a really great time. It was on a Sunday so we had a chance for Sunday dinner as well.

In return, I knew that he keeps fish, so I arranged for us to go to an exhibition in aquatics. I did not think that I was going to enjoy it but I got a real kick out of it. It was so much fun to discover a new interest, and now I even have a small fish tank at my Yiewsley escorts boudoir. Keeping fish is such a nice hobby, and a tremendous ice breaker. Some gents are a bit shy, and they don’t find anything to talk about straight away. But, guess what! They all like to talk about my fish.

Finally, my new love interest is not bothered that I work for Yiewsley escorts at all. Most guys are really put off by the fact that you work for an escorts service, but it does not seem to bother this one at all. He takes in his stride and tries to work around. He has not told any of his friends out of a courtesy to me. See what I mean, that is the kind of guy he is. I think I am in love with him, and I would like to take our relationship to the next level. I am ready and I hope that he is ready as well.

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