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British Lawmaker Suspended for Sexting 17-Year-Old, Offering to ‘Spank’ Her – Jezebel


British Lawmaker Suspended for Sexting 17-Year-Old, Offering to 'Spank' Her
Sexting can be great. Sliding into someone's DMs with a sexy intent is… often fine, or has the potential to turn out that way. But something has gone dangerously haywire with the judgment of this world's middle-aged male politicians, who can't seem
Labour suspends Simon Danczuk MP over claims of sexting a 17-year-old girlNew Statesman
UK Labour Party suspends MP over sexting allegationsToronto Star
British MP suspended for sexting teenagerBusiness Standard
Daily Star – –The Sun –Twitter
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Cop who wanted to photograph teen’s erection in sexting case commits suicide – Ars Technica

Ars Technica

Cop who wanted to photograph teen's erection in sexting case commits suicide
Ars Technica
The Virginia police officer who wanted to photograph a 17-year-old boy's erect penis in connection to a juvenile sexting case committed suicide Tuesday as authorities went to arrest him on pedophilia-related charges. Those charges were not connected to …
Detective in Controversial Teen Sexting Case Dead From Suicide After Gawker
Manassas City police detective in teen 'sexting' case commits suicideWashington Post
Cop who demanded photo of sexting-accused teen's penis commits suicideBoing Boing
Jezebel –Reason (blog) –TPM –City of Manassas
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DA: No charges against Colorado students in sexting scandal – CNN


DA: No charges against Colorado students in sexting scandal
(CNN) Colorado high school and middle school students accused of exchanging hundreds of naked photos won't face criminal charges, a district attorney announced Wednesday, but he warned of more severe consequences if it happens again.
Prosecutors: No Charges In Canon City High School Sexting CaseCBS Local
No Criminal Charges in Cañon City, Colorado, High School Sexting
No Charges in Sexting Scandal Where Pics Were Traded Like Pokemon CardsWestword –CNN
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The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Sexting

Thanks to the development of the internet, it’s now become possible to enjoy sexual experiences online. You can find like-minded people who are keen on the same fetishes as you from anywhere in the world. Within minutes you could be sending erotic text messages to others or trading some naughty pictures with them. It’s a great way to indulge in new sexual fantasies and establish whether you would be keen on them in real life. But what are the benefits and disadvantages of sexting and trading pictures, and how can you learn from those experiences to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life?

What goes on between two consenting adults can be very special. Thanks to sexting, it’s been made so much easier for two people to share intimate moments together. Once you have found somebody, you can get straight into having some no-frills fun with one another. Since you probably don’t know the other person in real life, you can be a lot wilder with what you do, and people tend to be much keener to push their boundaries.

However, it is important that you are careful when sexting. It is possible that the person you are communicating with isn’t who they say they are. You must exercise as caution as people could potentially put up a fake profile picture or lie about their age. Trying to get to know the other person first before becoming more intimate with them will enable you to determine whether they are genuine or not. It’s also essential that you do not become too attached to the people that you sext, as online sex is not a viable substitute to real life sexual experiences.

Kik is one of the most popular apps that people use to sext. Everybody has a username and you can send messages, photos and even short videos to one another. You can locate people to sext on websites such as Reddit. and are two of the most popular sexting websites around.

Overall, there are many benefits to sexting. You have to be careful about protecting your identity, and making sure that you do not share too much information with strangers, but it can help you to learn more about sex and make you more prepared to try new things. It’s particularly helpful if you are quite a shy person and want to ease into things slowly.

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