Writers, Some Ideas for Lent

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Today is Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent. I’ve been trying to come up with what I am going to give up for Lent. It got me thinking that this is great for writers to get going on their writing. Here is a list of what you can do for Lent to improve your writing:

•  Wake up 30 minutes earlier every day
•  Write at least 500 words a day
•  Blog every day
•  Edit everything you write
•  Meditate for at least three minutes, and go from there
•  Exercise at least three times a week
•  Join a writing group
•  Do a daily writing prompt
•  Limit TV time
•  Limit video games
•  Only check your email three times a day
•  Reduce your internet time
•  Read ten pages of a book a day
•  Read a non-fiction book
•  Read a fiction book
•  Learn something new every day
•  Take a picture
•  Keep a gratitude list
•  Write a letter to someone
•  Use your writing skills to help a local non-profit
•  Drink only one cup of coffee a day
•  Drink more herbal tea
•  Reduce your alcohol intake
•  Go to a reading
What are some other things you can do?

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