Level of Effort Is Important for Business Analysts and Developers

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You can search “level of effort” and find tons of articles on what it means in project management. What about in business analysis and development? There are levels of efforts in these areas as well. When a stakeholder wants a new capability, you have to think how many hours it will take you to do your business analysis work. You also want to keep constant communication with your developer, stakeholder, and any other people who could change the number of hours you envisioned at first.

Developers should also have their own level of efforts. Let’s say that for a new module, you estimate that it will take ten hours for you to do your BA work. However, the developer will have to code for 24 hours to implement all the requirements that you came up with in those ten hours. This has to be taken into account as well.

Do you think about the level of effort that it will take you to do your part when working on a project?

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