Get Out There and Connect With Others

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Being a freelancer can sometimes be lonely. It isn’t like in the office where you can find someone to spend five minutes or more talking to. You are usually in your home office with no one else around. I am telling you to get up and talk to people. Whether it’s joining a luncheon business group or heading to a gym class, get out there. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to not have to speak to anyone. You could keep your head low while fiddling with your smartphone and/or have the music blasting in your ears. Make an effort to connect with others.

Even if it’s a smile to the person walking past or hello to a random stranger behind you at your local coffee shop, engage. Humans are social creatures, and you will feel uplifted if you interact with someone in ways other than via email or text. I bet that you will also be more creative afterwards.

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