Tumblr Filled with Writing, Freelancing, and Business Articles & Photos

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For those who didn’t know, I have a Tumblr that is filled with interesting articles, photos, and videos about writing, freelancing, job-related situations, and many more. If you haven’t checked it out, do so. I will be tumbling some great stuff every day.

If you have a Tumblr, let me know. I am always looking for ones to follow.

 chicwriter tumblr


Have a happy holidays!

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  • Craig Cardimon

    Unable to reach Chicwriter Tumblr. Link is not functioning.

    • http://www.chicwriter.com/ Shevonne

      Maybe Tumblr was down at the time. The links seem to be working. http://tumblr.chicwriter.com/

      • Craig

        Weird. Still down. Does it function in Chrome?

        • http://www.chicwriter.com/ Shevonne

          Yes…try http://chicwriter.tumblr.com. I do remember someone saying she had issues viewing Tumblr blogs, but not sure why.

          • Craig

            That works! Cool.

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