Surviving the Holidays in the Office

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I was in the restroom when the Administrative Assistant came in and hung her head down by the sink. We talked, and it seems that she is having a hard time with all the ways people handle an approaching holiday. You have the people who are:

  • -  Trying to get everything done before everyone is MIA for a few days, so they are stressed and going 100 miles per hour
  • -  Ready for the short week to end, so they can relax.  They are already in that holiday mode, so they are not doing a thing
  • -  Already not here, and there are things you need them to do

If you are already out of the office, congratulations. For those who are still here, I’ve come up with some tips that have helped me during the holiday season.

Don’t be afraid to take more mini breaks. At one of my previous positions, everyone smoked. Yes, it was like I was back in the Mad Men period. You would see all the people in my team huddled in one corner smoking away. I think they were down there for five to ten minutes every two hours. During this time, pretend you are taking a smoking break. Even if it’s just you going into the restroom and taking a few deep breaths, do it. Also, go for a walk. If you can’t head to the gym during your lunch hour, take a ten-minute walk during lunch. You will be able to handle the stress of the holiday season in the office.

It’s always good to have a couple of healthy snacks at work. If you are not practicing this, the holidays are the best time to start. You can pretend that these snacks are mini treats for making it during the days. Schedule one for around ten or 11 a.m., and the other one around two or three in the afternoon. You will feel energized and ready to conquer the day.

Your brain can psyche itself out, so don’t let that happen to you. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, tell yourself that you only have X more hours for lunch, and then X more hours to leave. In no time, it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

I always have pictures of my children at my desk. When I look at their pictures, I smile. Bring pictures of your favorite people, places, and things on your bucket list. Knowing that there is life outside of the office helps you survive the stressful times.

You can survive the holidays in the office.

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