Use a Voice-to-Text App to Remember Your Writing Ideas

When you are a writer and/or blogger, one of the things that is a must is carrying a notepad around to jot down ideas that come to your head. There are times that I’m running on the treadmill that a topic I want to write about starts to appear. Of course, I can’t jump off the treadmill to write it down. This morning I was driving into work, and I started thinking about this great topic for my next blog post. Again, unless I want to cause a car accident, I can’t start jotting it down. This is what is so great about smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you are an iPhone, Android, or Windows person, you now have the ability to turn your voice into text.

Native Voice-to-Text App

Both iPhone and Android have native voice-to-text apps that you can use.

Dragon Dictation/FlexT9 Keyboard

I grouped Dragon Dictation and FlexT9 Keyboard together because they are made by the same people, Nuance. Dragon Dictation is for iPhone and iPad users while FlexT9 Keyboard is for Android. It’s easy to use the voice-to-text, and it is pretty accurate. Additionally, you can write words free-hand, and also type. FlexT9 Keyboard is $4.99 while Dragon Dictation is free. If you didn’t know, Siri actually relies on Nuance’s technology.


Have I ever told you how much I love Evernote?  I use it for my personal and business life.  The iPhone and Android versions both have a great voice-t0-text capability that stores your notes into your own cloud notebook that can be access anywhere.  If you are on your computer, you can still access your notes.  Both versions are free.

There are iPhone and Android specific voice-to-text apps that I found that are great. However, as someone who had an Android and used to always get annoyed when the iPhone got a cool app that I couldn’t use, and vice versa (luckily I now have an iPhone and my old Android, so I can use whatever app, but not everyone has that luxury), I wanted to find apps that you can find on both.

When you are doing something where you can’t quickly write down an idea that pops into your head, start using a voice-to-text app. It won’t be the same as writing it down, but at least you will have something before you forget what it was.

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