It’s Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream Job

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I was talking to someone who is an inspiration to people who wonder if they are too old to pursue the career of their dreams. She never finished college and went into computer sales in the 1980s. She made wonderful money, but felt that something was missing. All of her life, she has wanted to work with people. Yes, in computer sales, she was, but not in the way she wanted. She couldn’t help people. In her early 40s, she decided she had enough and went back to college. She said it was “fun” going back to school with a bunch of teenagers and twentysomethings, but it wasn’t going to stop her from bachelor’s degree. After that, she decided to get her masters. Now, she is working to get her licensed to become a therapist.

I get a lot of emails asking if it’s too late to pursue technical writing. No, you are NEVER too old. If that is your passion, then you can become a Writer. You will have to work hard, and there will be times that you will probably lose a little bit of sleep. However, if in the end, you are smiling when you achieve your goal, then that is all that matters.

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