Digital Capital Week’s Media 2.0 Day Recap

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I got on the metro today and headed to Digital Capital Week’s Media 2.0 Day.  There were going to be discussions hosted by USA Today, Pew Internet Project, and National Geographic. I wanted to hear the talk by National Geographic, but I had to be back to the dark side by then. I was able to catch the end of the talk by Jeff Pulver.  Even just hearing the end of it, I knew that I had missed a great speech.  He was very direct and knowledgeable about social media and media today.

One of the best quotes from him was after someone asked what he thought about Facebook and its privacy issues.  Pulver answered,

“You’re a moron if you leave Facebook cause that is where the people are.”

It made made me chuckle because of how honest the answer was. He also announced his new project  It is a service that allows people to donate tweets to causes of their choice.  Pulver said that sometimes donating something as simple as a tweet is just as good as money.  Word-of-mouth is always the best marketing method, so having people tweet about your cause is a good way to increase awareness. I started a non-profit organization, Stop Alcohol Deaths, Inc. (S.A.D.), to bring awareness of dangers of drinking excessively. is a great platform to spread the word of our cause.  After hearing him talk for the last few minutes, I wished I would have caught his entire speech.


I was able to catch the entire speech of Lee Rainie from the Pew Internet Project. He discussed the then, now, and future of the Internet and how its affecting the world. If you weren’t able to catch his presentation, then he posted the slides online. Definitely check them out when you get a chance. Some interesting tidbits are:

In 2000, only 49% of adults used the Internet.  In 2010, it is now at 79%.  Also, only less than 10% use the “cloud.” Now? It’s up to 2/3.

He discussed anonymity on the Internet. There has always been the concern that the person you are talking to over the Net isn’t really who he/she says.  It is easy to create a pseudo name, picture, etc. It was kind of split as to whether anonymity would be monitored in the future, or it would still be easy to be whoever you wanted to be on the Internet. With virtual worlds becoming more popular, I wonder if we will be like the society of The Surrogates graphic novel in the future.  I also wonder if we will become like how it was in Ghost in the Shell. I guess all we can do is wait and find out.

He also discussed the Metaverse graph that I know all of us have seen.  It is discussing four technological areas, and what the future (or now) comes from each one.

It’s funny, but that is definitely what is happening now.  Everything is Augmented Reality, Vlogging, 3-D technology, and visual worlds (think World of Warcroft).  Overall, I was very impressed with his talk.  He really showed how much we have advanced and how much more we will.  It made me think about the adults my children will become, and how they will use the Internet and technology in their lives.

I did learn an interesting and humorous term, “tweckle.” It is when you heckle someone on Twitter.  I realized that there is a lot of tweckling going on on social networking sites. However, I found more interesting how the Internet and technology has changed our terminology.  When you look at the dictionary, you see terms that wouldn’t have been there a decade ago. You wonder what others words will be added.  Maybe even emoticons?  That is stretching it, but it makes you go hmm…

Again, Rainie and Pulver are great speakers and bring up ideas that will make you ponder about them for hours to come.

Overall, I had a great time at my first Digital Capital Week ever, and I can’t wait to attend many more. The next one is Digital Garage on Friday.  If you are attending, come up and say hi. I’d love to talk to you.

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